Black belt promotions: October 2016 Congratulations - Well Done to all.


Congratulations are in order for the following members & instructors who have recently received promotions to various higher Dan grades in Tae Kwon-Do.

1st Dan

Miss Carolyn Lockett, Maidenhead TKD club,
Miss Julie Bullimore, Bracknell TKD club,
Mr Dominic Brierley, Reading TKD club,

2nd Dan

Mr Rajesh Dedi, Reading TKD Club
Mr Christopher Barnard, Woking TKD Club

3rd Dan

Miss Lucy van Zwanenberg, Guildford TKD club
Mr Oliver van Zwanenberg, Guildford TKD club

4th Dan

Mr Michael Lavery, Woking, Guildford & Kingston TKD clubs

5th Dan (Master)

6th Dan (Master)

Mr Howard Douglas

Congratulations & very well done to all of you.