Doboks & Sparring gear & Equipment

This is a reminder note to all members particularly red belt and above.
This courtesy message reminds us all Instructors and members alike that members/students must have a correct up to date latest style TAGB White Dobok for your pre-gradings & gradings.
Naturally also your sparring gear etc. must be the correct latest style with TAGB logo and all such equipment & suits must be in proper, serviceable condition (ie: without rips/tears, any other damage or patches).

Since (as always per our club rules & regulations), ALL HED TKD members Must ONLY & always obtain their equipment & Doboks etc from your current HED TKD instructor(s) then we will ensure that you get the correct items. If in doubt or you have equipment that is old/worn or other then check with & ensure that you only obtain replacements new from your HED TKD instructor(s).

May we remind members that as always applied, No items (incorrect &/or obtained elsewhere of whatever origin) may ever be worn or used in any sessions.