HED TKD teach a wide variety of people, all getting the full benefits of their involvement in our Tae Kwon-do club:

‘I had always liked the idea of trying a martial art but never had the courage to have a go, but then I had three sons whom I wanted to arm with some knowledge of self defence. They would only try it if I took part and I haven’t looked back. I get to spend quality time with my kids, my own confidence has grown and it’s helping with my fitness! I only wish I’d have got involved earlier!’

Mr C., Woking

I have two sons who have been learning Tae-Kwon-Do with HED TKD for the past nine years. In that time both have attained a black belt.

The clubs together with all the instructors, provide regular training sessions within a safe environment. Training sessions are both instructive and fun and my children have derived great benefit from all the classes. Their instructors are motivational and I would not hesitate to recommend them and the club

Mrs K., Surrey

HED TKD have taught Tae Kwon-Do and self defence to my daughter (12) since 2002. During this time she has progressed from being a complete beginner to earning her first Dan black belt qualification.’

I have always found the instructors to be sensible, and professional in the way they conduct themselves and their classes. Whilst each instructor has differing styles, the children enjoy training with them all and benefit from being able to practice at many different venues around the area most days of the week.

I would strongly recommend this group to any adults or children who wish to learn.

Ms F., Berkshire

I would like to share with you my experience with HED TKD over the past few years. I brought my daughters along when they were just 5 & 7 for a complimentary lesson which they enjoyed. Thereafter we all I took advantage of family membership and have attended at least twice a week ever since.

The first thing I would highlight is the professionalism and ability of the instructors not just from a Tae Kwon-Do perspective but sport and fitness and health and safety.

Today my daughters and I still train regularly and are thoroughly enjoying our Tae Kwon-Do. The girls have has set themselves goals of competing and achieving black belt status. For me, not only have I gotten fitter and actually enjoyed learning and improving but I have got to spend valuable time with my children sharing a journey which has brought us even closer together than before.

I strongly recommend any of the HED TKD schools for Tae Kwon-Do!

Mr H., Hampshire

We have been members for six enjoyable years. Our instructor(s) are very amicable and strongly encourage all to push our stamina/agility levels.

As a family of Five, we all benefit for the physical workouts and I have seen increasing levels of self confidence in my children.

Great consideration to smaller children allows my youngest to become a member aged only 6.

There is great flexibility in attending different evenings/venues always providing a warm welcome in a friendly atmosphere.

Mr S., Hampshire

My Daughter and myself have been coming to the Tae Kwon Do class for over 7 years. We have enjoyed their method of teaching and have found the atmosphere of classes very friendly.

I have also found the class offers a very good balance of fitness, focus and discipline and also enables students to progress within a friendly environment.

Mrs T., Surrey

My son joined HED TKD Club 10 years ago and thoroughly enjoys it. Over the years it has built his confidence , challenged him and improved his fitnes and made him many friends with a great sence of belonging to the club. The reaching of each new coloured belt gives him recognition for his development and effort in the Tae Kwon Do martial art.

I myself joined a couple of years ago mainly for fitness and to learn a new skill. Mr. Douglas and his professional instructors ensure training is paced at your own level of ability and lessons are varied and fun. I’ve certainly learnt skills for self protection and improved my fitness and flexibility and made great friends. It’s easy to join in and has the added bonus of being family friendly. It’s so much more enjoyable than going to a gym. I should have joined years ago!

Mrs F., Surrey